Local fresh products at your fingertips

A safe, efficient, and accessible solution for better deals between farmers and consumers.
Locally available, globally connected.

Better Payments

Faster and more secure payments. Get the best deals and negotiate what is worth.

Fresher Products

Fresh from the farm to you. Less to no cold storage or food waste and all the quality.

Secure and Traceable

Know where food was grown, by whom, and adhering to which standards.

We create solutions to link fresh food production and consumption.

We re-connect food with the planet and society in different ways…




An online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading fresh products.

Post, search, negotiate and buy, or sell your freshies, securely and receive your payments right on time.

Food Hub Solution



Easy to create local food hubs that promote trades between your farmers and consumers.

Enable local food circularity with a manageable marketplace-as-a-service solution for your users.




Local production and consumption require education and environmental promotion to work.

We are available to speak, teach and discuss food, agriculture, and sustainability.


Fast and trustworthy

Your new secure and open sales channel.

Powered by fast payments, secure transactions, and business data, access a network of agri-food professionals that will help your food production business enter the next level
Fresh and Secure

The local fresh food procurement tool you’ve been looking for.

Easily and recurrently search and buy products grown around you, find the best deals, and get on-demand production tailored to your needs.

Circular and Sustainable

The marketplace-as-a-solution for your organization.

Promote sustainable food production and consumption and sustainable lifestyles within your local community, with easy-to-set up manageable food hubs, globally connected.

We want to help communities achieve sustainable, self-sufficient food production and consumption
while reducing food waste and social inequality.

We aim at impacting the environmental, economic, and social status of agriculture and food.

A combination of business, technology, and food science


We are a team of entrepreneurs based in Portugal, changing the way we trade and source our fresh products.


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