Data-driven food markets with positive impact

A secure, efficient and accessible solution for better business between farmers and consumers.
Locally available, globally connected.
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We create solutions to link the production and consumption of fresh food products

We re-connect food with the planet and society in a combined way



An online SaaS platform for creating accessible and efficient marketplaces for fresh food.

Unlock a circular economy for local food with a manageable marketplace-as-a-service solution for your users.



Local marketplace solution

Easily create local marketplaces that drive commerce between your farmers and consumers.

Post, search, negotiate and securely buy or sell your fresh produce and receive your payments on time.


Digital transformation

Local production and consumption requires education and environmental promotion to work.

We are available to lecture, teach, and discuss food, agriculture, and sustainability.

We want to help communities achieve sustainable, self-sufficient food production and consumption, while reducing food waste and social inequality.

We seek to impact the environmental, economic and social status of agriculture and food.

A combination of business, technology and food science.


We are a team of entrepreneurs based in Portugal that is changing the way we trade and source our fresh produce.


We are connecting the world for a better future

With our information-driven approach, we help Bit by Bit to align production with consumption where we operate. We make trends visible, report on performance and measure impact.
An award-winning digital market platform for farmers, consumers and cities.
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